9 Ways to live younger.

Considering most people want to live a longer, healthier lifestyle, well get ready for grandma jeans and hat, and here’s how you can achieve that goal with what you have control of.  To add some icing on the cake, it is quite easy to fulfill; you might be able to play kickball with your great-grandkids. So let’s get a kick start onto 9 ways you can make it happen!

  1.  Ensuring you get a good night’s sleep.  Surprisingly, sleep is a priority; however, some of you find excuses for not getting enough sleep. Although we all have different variations of work lifestyles and with work, responsibilities of others and not enough hours in a day to make sure you address what you need to be done, you find yourself climbing into bed around 2 to 3 a.m every a.m when you have to be up by 7:45 a.m.  Doing this for years, HEY, are you a VAMPIRE? No, you are not; your body needs to heal and restore vital organs and fight against stress and disease. If you are an entrepreneur and make your own schedule, you should nap around 2 pm for 1 hour to rejuvenate and gain some natural energy.
  2. Eat a nutritious breakfast. To maintain weight management by not skipping a meal and avoiding a high-calorie snack because you are starving because you skipped your much-needed start-up meal for the beginning of your day. Eating a breakfast that is higher in nutrients can keep you energize and free from food craving for at least the first 5 to 6 hours.  There you have it when you are a busy body; you can control your appetite and always be a seasonal HOTTIE. Now, how about that?
  3. Curb the Libations.  Drink not guzzle down the pipeline,” buddy” drink in moderation, please, and responsibly. Drinking too much can expand your waistline, and with people living longer and looking great, you will always have a fair chance at being an ole hottie, “ya know beauty is like a fine wine; you get better with time,” So get your cougar or nursing home sugar daddy ON whichever works for you we are going to judge anyway so make sure you are happy no matter what. Haha.  Drinking too much before bed can cause trouble sleeping and frequent bathroom breaks because alcohol is a diuretic. It causes your kidneys to go into overdrive; you will pee more than you have to, which means interrupting your beauty sleep I mentioned in tip #2. 
  4. Enjoy a rainbow diet.  I know it’s hard for some woman not to devour meat like a savage beast; haha, therefore, it is best to take longer breaks from eating meats. Choosing a colorful diet of beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables can make a world of difference in your life expectancy, slow down them aging cells, and help you your body build a defense against diseases. According to “Dr. Oz, specific colorful vegetables and fruits have properties that target specific cancers,” Sounds great so far?
  5. Walk Walk Walk and Walk 10k steps daily.  Let’s do some rudimentary logic here 10,000 steps is equivalent to 1 1/2 and hour walk; you lay around doing nothing for a long time, throw on a cute walking outfit and tennis shoes with a cute hat scarf looking neighborhood fresh and swag out with great headphones. You are the envy of the lazy peeping out them the windows.  As we age, we need to keep our bodies moving to stay healthy. Walking can decrease body fat and lower your risk of becoming obese and developing insulin resistance, so you do not want to make the list of potentially becoming diabetic?
  6. We arrive at work, you leave home at home, and when you arrive at home, you leave work at work that darn simple.  When I worked for a company, one of my biggest pet peeve questions during an interviewed for a job is, ” Do you have any issues arriving on time”? How often are you late”? How I wanted to answer “my arrival is always impeccable, very true. I was a stickler about always being on time; however, I also make the best effort to leave on impeccable time. I do not want to be late getting home is what I wanted to say”; however, I needed a livable wage, so I said what we all say is YES! Try your best to work a flexible schedule and work at a job where you can manage your stress.   Job opportunities are not all the same or even fair at times.  At times, I had to manage and cope and be under a lot of stress and pressure. I had to do what I had to do until I found a way out to become independent. Two years ago, I took a life insurance course and succeeded in getting a 215 Life and Health Annuities Variable Licensing. I only practice long-term and whole life and investment life insurance policies only at this time. At some point, I will blog about the importance of employee death insurance vs. personal insurance policies and expectations. One year ago, my husband and I started an online business Lei Chaurelle Handbags and we have a wholesale license. We are at Tate and Tilly Boutique as a vendor, where we provide merchant services and retail products for the store consumer needs and wants.  I am still taking chances and adding more skills and tools needed to become one of the top ten best bloggers ever over a period of time. So if I can, then I know you can too; you have to start if you are unhappy being an employee. 
  7.   Become a social butterfly.  Become apart of a group where you can have face to face friends; it is healthier, and you can build self -esteem and ward off depression. Having a healthy support group and helping you live longer because studies state it may improve severe health conditions; you gain a longer, richer life than those who live isolated lives.  It is time you makeover your life and GLAM it up.
  8. Invest in lifelong learning.  The more you know, the better your mind can become as you markedly mature when you invest time in learning more things; it increases your chances of making better choices for what you need or want and essential to you. This creates a high sense of self-control.  Just because someone has more education does not mean they know more things, and just because someone has less education can be knowledgeable about all sorts of things. Education VS Knowledge is not the same. Education requires institutions and regulated requirements, whereas knowledge is self-taught due to self-interest.
  9. Always be positive.  Whatever right? That is not always the reality in life; a battery cannot function without positive or negative forces. You must have a balance to flatten the curve; here’s how it works. When life happens, you must always declare what you have control over and what you do not have control over and began to think this to yourself; this issue is challenging, and I can resolve it, or I may need help getting it resolved that is being proactive, which will then lead you to a positive result. Times can become very tough; the more you practice, the more you begin to gain self-control, which helps you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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