Advantages of Living in a Big City

Best Things About Living in Tampa, FL

If you’re thinking about moving to Florida and Tampa is at the top of your list, it means you’ve already been sucked in by this opulent Florida city full of fun events, beaches, and attractions in every direction.

Tampa has been rated as the best city to relocate to, and it offers some of the best Florida living you can imagine. The Sunshine State has many places where people flock, but the people of Tampa Bay have their own little slice of paradise. As with any city, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of living in Tampa before making a final decision.

Amazing Weather

Tampa Bay’s subtropical climate has an average temperature of 73 degrees, with highs of 90 degrees and lows of 52 degrees. Imagine being able to enjoy the great outdoors all year long. If you decide that living in Tampa is for you, this is a definite plus!

Cost of Living

Living in Florida has some pretty incredible tax advantages. You will not have to pay income tax, inheritance tax, or estate tax if you move to Tampa and become a resident. The best part is that when you retire, you are exempt from paying taxes on pension income, Social Security retirement benefits, and most other retirement income.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Tampa has the lowest overall cost of living as well as the lowest cost of housing and utilities among Florida’s urban areas. And the cost of living in Tampa is decreasing, making it even more affordable for you to settle here.

Tampa is the perfect place to raise a family! Year-round sunshine, beautiful places to get outside and explore nature and a vibrant downtown situated in along the newly renovated Tampa Riverwalk, full of museums, restaurants and green spaces that now host some of Tampa’s hottest festivals and shows.  It’s a perfect day, every day, in Tampa Bay,” according to Marisa Langford from the Tampa Mama blog.

Major Travel Hub

Tampa is a great place to live if you need to travel for business or pleasure. It’s a major Gulf-area travel hub that connects people to flights and cruise ships all over the world.

When you relocate to Tampa, FL, you’ll discover that the Tampa International Airport is just under an hour away, with flights from a variety of airlines to a variety of destinations. Forget about flights; cruises are only a half-hour away for the ultimate cruise vacation.

Beautiful Beaches

Nothing beats setting up a chair with an umbrella at the beach and soaking up the rays of the sun. Because of its proximity to Tampa Bay, there are numerous beaches within a short driving distance. Moving to Tampa allows you to visit many of these beautiful beaches on a regular basis. Ben T Davis Beach, Davis Islands Beach, Cypress, Apollo Beach Park, Ballast Point Park, and Gardenville Beach are among them.

Food and Drinks

Tampa offers a diverse range of culinary experiences, including Cuban, Spanish, Thai, Italian, Vietnamese, New American, and gourmet cuisines. Some of Tampa’s best restaurants, such as The Refinery and Bern’s Steak House (home to the world’s largest wine cellar), may be familiar to you. But that’s not all. When you move to Tampa, there are numerous places to dine out with family or friends. Locals recommend the Columbia Restaurant, a family-owned and operated historical landmark restaurant that has been in operation since 1905.

Many Housing Options

The average home value in Tampa is $350K. If you’re considering relocating to Tampa, you’ll be pleased to learn that the city is one of the top three buyer’s markets in the country, according to Zillow. Whether you prefer bungalows, ranches, or apartments and duplexes, Tampa has a wide range of affordable housing options. While it is considered an urban area, there are a number of areas outside of the main city hub where you can find both suburban and rural communities, all while remaining within Tampa, so you won’t have to travel far to find the type of community you seek.

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