Blogging Tips for Beginners & How to Stay on The Top

In order to start a blog, you must complete four major steps. If you follow this step-by-step guide exactly, you’ll have your own blog up and running in 30 minutes or less.

Select an excellent blog platform.
Select a web host for your blog.
How to Create a Blog with Your Own Domain
Create a new blog.
Blogger-friendly resources

Step 1: Select your preferred blogging platform.

Choosing a location for your blog is essentially the first step. I’m going to presume you’re familiar with WordPress, as this is the platform I recommend. It is enormous.

It is by far the most popular blogging platform on the planet, with an almost endless number of plugins and add-ons and almost infinite options to customize and layout your site.

WordPress has about 82 million active users, which is an impressive number.

Step 3 – Create a blog using your own domain name (if you chose self-hosting and a custom domain)

You’ll need to choose a domain name and a hosting provider for your blog.

The domain name is essentially the website’s URL. (the domain name is, and are two examples ( is the domain). See? Simple!

Hosting is a term that refers to the company that places your website on the internet and makes it accessible to the rest of the world. There will be a backup of everything. Consider it a virtual hard drive for your blog that is accessible via the internet.

Step 2 – Is self-hosting the best option or is there a free alternative?

Although it may seem absurd at first, you do not truly own your blog. It is housed on someone else’s web property, and they have the option of deleting it. They have done so previously and will continue to do so in the future. Which means that all your hard work on your blog, all those hours spent composing blog entries, may have vanished in a matter of seconds. Sad…

On the other hand, when you host your own blog on your own domain name, you are the ACTUAL owner of your blog. You can name your blog anything you want, such as “” or “” You can end it with any of the following web,,.net,.org, or nearly any other web suffix. Add unlimited bandwidth for videos, photos, and material to that, and you’ve got a winning combination.

Step 4 – Creating a WordPress blog design

Let’s customize your blog to your liking. You can either install a free WordPress theme from Appearance > Themes or buy a premium theme from for roughly $40.

I usually go for something professional and easily customizable. You may also change themes in WordPress with only a few clicks. So if you get tired of your current blog template, you can easily swap it without losing any material or images.

Remember that your blog’s design should represent both your personality and the blog’s content. Why use a football theme if your site is about tennis?

It should also be straightforward to navigate if you want folks to stay. People won’t stay if it’s tough to navigate. Because design is a subjective art, everyone has distinct tastes.

But no one likes ugly websites, especially those that require a college diploma to browse. Make it simple.

That’s it! I am confident that your initial blog setup is complete and ready to go.

If you get stuck or have questions on how to build a blog, please contact omnipayusa or leave a comment below.

Have fun with it!

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