Did you have a full cup of happiness or a sip of drama today?

What does happiness mean to you? Spend at least 30 minutes to an hour writing down what makes you happy, analyzing it, and then reading further into this article to compare my perspective and ideas on what I believe to be happiness for me. Once you’ve determined what actually makes you happy, you can examine your happiness. Are you happy because of external factors, or are you simply happy?

To ensure that I describe what makes me happy, I understand that most of us deserve to determine what makes us happy. I’ve come to the conclusion that most material goods come and go and cannot always keep you happy for a long period. I determined that what makes me happy is understanding that no matter how happy I choose to be, life will always be complicated because it is human nature to complicate things due to our cognitive powers.

One individual may believe that it is impossible to be simply happy without the assistance of external influences; they may believe that they must rely on those forces to complete them or make them feel entire. I used to believe that making a lot of money, traveling, and loving my family equated to complete happiness. What got me thinking was, what if the people I care about abandon me and decide they don’t want to love me anymore, or if I lose my job? How do I tell the difference between external and internal happiness?

Allow me to convey my point of view! Of sure, it would be painful not to be loved or to lose a job; but, that is merely sadness and an experience that has occurred for decades. Even though I’ve had a lot of terrible luck in my life, I’m still capable of being happy because I know that anything can be healed.

I definitely understand the traumas or psychological challenges that some people may have that make it difficult for them to be joyful. For me, happiness is knowing oneself and understanding that this sorrow is not forever, but only a phase, and learning something from it, as well as knowing that there is always a chance to know that I am always happy.

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