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The World’s First Cannabinoid Spirit Alternatives

You can think of us like a bottle of vodka or gin, with cannabinoids instead of alcohol. For the sober-curious, cannabinoid-curious, and THC curious user, we’re changing what it means to have a “drink”.

Flora Hemp Spirits

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Why Choose Flora Hemp Spirits





Flora is my drink, I’m so happy I found it, I love making myself a flora cocktail after work and relaxing – not worrying about a cheap wine hangover or having 1 too many! I’m finally able to relax with a beverage during the week worry free-plus best sleep I’ve ever had.

Ariel Scherr (Verified Owner)

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An Adult Drink, for When You Don’t
Feel Like Drinking

You shouldn’t have to unwind with kiddie cocktails at happy hour just because you don’t feel like drinking alcohol. Why not enjoy a cannabinoid mocktail instead?

Mix It Up!

One bottle, endless possibilities. Keep it simple with a Flora & Soda or spice it up with a spicy Flora Margarita. It’s your drink, make it the way you want. it!

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Flora Blueberry Moscow Mule

Crafted by award-winning mixologists with fresh ingredients to provide all the blueberry flavor without the calories or hangover. Enjoy straight out of the can or over ice with a salt rim. Each can contains 5mg of THC and 10mg of CBD.