8 great Mental Health Wellness Tips

Tips on how to ensure you have all the mental tools needed to get your life started successfully.  So you can increase your pretty positive potential so that you can start feeling better about preparing for next year as 2021 is coming to an end. A fresh new start always does a body well or continuing goals you may have already set in previous years.

Tip#1  Clear your mind of noises and nagging negative thoughts “bye-bye Negative Nancy” NOW make room to décor YOUR mind with open-minded peace.

Tip#2  Take a long break from social media distractions and work on being self-disciplined.  Get off of “TIKTOK” and get back to being disciplined. I can sense your temptation;

Tip#3  Do not cross any lines; YOU must set bottom line boundaries.

Tip#4  Discover what your emotional TRIGGERS are, and if someone attempts to push them, you will be mentally prepared to redirect that energy FAST. Or just haul ASS.

Tip#5  Create instinctual decision-making skills.

Tip#6  Ask for feedback, and you BETTER be listening in despite what you do not like hearing. It may be helpful.

Tip#7  You are an influential person; however, knowing your weaknesses will help you in the long run.

Tip#8  Discover your limits; this helps you to understand your limits are temporary.  “Come closer,” now breathe and read carefully; your limitations will show you everything that is holding you back is just in your “BIG HEAD.” Now live; you will be just fine.

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