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Howlite Crystal Bangle

Combining our love of modern design, fashion and crystal healing, we present you with this stunning Howlite Crystal Bangle. Beautiful smooth crystal with chalky white tones, black veins running through. Securely hugged by comfortable, adjustable polished gold hardware.

This lovely Howlite Bangle does more than increase your fabulous appeal! You can also finally get a good night’s sleep aid! Howlite bangle aids to insomnia, especially when caused by an overactive mind. It helps in the formulation of ambitions and aids in achieving them. Seize the chance to strengthen memory and stimulate your desire for knowledge. It teaches patience, helps eliminate rage, pain and stress. It brings communication at peace, encourages self-awareness and encourages emotional expression.

Milk does the body good! So does your one of a kind Howlite Bangle from Lei Chaurelle! Wear this bangle all day to help maintain balanced calcium levels in your body.

There are a lot of crystal and stone bangles available in the market, however in comparison to other brands, this one stands out as really being top quality. The general consensus among the people who have purchased it was that it was really attractive and the perfect everyday piece that goes very well with casual clothes but can also be dressed up.

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Cuffs best fit average wrists, adjustable.

Made in United States of America


1 in stock

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