The Most Important Life Secret (That No One Wants You to Know)

Society expects you to buzz around like a good worker bee.

The powers that be do not want you to think freely for yourself or question the system in which you are immersed; instead, they want you to robotically execute your societal role.

Your preferred function in American culture is to keep busy.

You’re meant to work more than you play, take medicines to relieve the tension caused by such a regressive lifestyle, and spend your money on material things to impress people you don’t like.

When you begin to doubt the world and your role in it, your friends, family, work, government, and religion all strive to force you back into the box.

The ultimate life secret that no one wants you to know and that you don’t want to confess is that all you do in life is for nothing—everything you do in life will return to the source from whence it came.

“Thanks, Captain Obvious,” you could say, but be honest with yourself: how often do you realize that all of the hours you labor, all of the energy you put into your work, is all for nothing?

The fact of your own mortality offers you the greatest power over your destiny.

The reason no one wants you to realize it’s all for nothing is that if everyone knew the system was a massive defense against mortality rather than the sole way to live, society as we know it would collapse. But that is precisely why your knowledge of this information is so important!

When you realize that what you create—whether it’s your profession, business, or relationships—will vanish, you’ll be able to control how you see everything that happens in your life.

You can see each failure as an opportunity, each victory as an opportunity to develop non-attachment, and every second as a reason to appreciate, celebrate, and enjoy.

Recognizing this fact empowers you to find a game worth playing.

It allows you to express gratitude and affection for every minute detail of your day—the way the grass flows in the breeze, the perfect confetti of fall leaves, the ridiculousness of sitting in traffic—everything is more beautiful when you recognize its brittleness and brilliancy.

When you realize you’re playing a finite game in an endless universe, you have the freedom to play whatever game you want. Find your passion, whether it’s within or outside of the system in which you were raised, and then play the game.

Experiment with going outside the constraints of your typical daily experience to celebrate each day, because each instant is an opportunity to build a beautiful sand castle and appreciate its brave stand against the rising tide.

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