Six Reasons Why You Are a Rookie in international Travel

Even the most seasoned travelers make mistakes when traveling. Continue reading if you want your travel to be memorable for the right reasons by avoiding the most typical beginner travel mistakes that all travelers make. I hope you can learn from some of my past blunders.

1. Not checking the passport requirements

Most first-time travelers believe that holding a valid passport is sufficient for international travel. Although this is true in the majority of circumstances, there are rare exceptions. Some countries, notably China and Russia, require your passport to be valid for at least 6 months after the date of your return flight. Furthermore, more than 20 European countries share the same three-month restriction. And if your passport is still valid but expires inside this time frame, you may complicate your travel unnecessarily.

3. Being afraid of locals

Travelers who are making their first trip are usually simple to detect. They don’t mingle with the locals, instead closely guarding their belongings and wearing suspicious expressions. It’s difficult to tell the difference between pleasant locals and scammers. The great majority of people in the area aren’t trying to get you. And if you keep a cheerful attitude, you’ll make a lot of new friends.

5. Not calling your bank

This was one of my worst rookie travel mistakes. If you go abroad and don’t notify your bank, they may block your card since they find it strange that the transactions are coming from the other side of the planet.

2. Trying to book everything 

This is true for the majority of first-time international tourists. They want to schedule every aspect of their trip, including every lodging, dinner, and transit… It seems fantastic in theory, but once you start your journeys, you realize you have to give up a lot of flexibility. I would simply reserve the major attractions and keep my itinerary as flexible as possible. Because the journey is uncertain, you should allow for extra time.

4. Packing too many things 

One of the most typical beginner travel blunders is bringing too many clothes and not wearing the majority of them. You don’t need a first-aid kit, three pairs of shoes, five pairs of clothes, and so on. In this case, my rule of thumb is:

Always bring 1/2 of the clothes you believe you need and x2 of the money you believe you need.

6. Eating the food that you’re used to

Most rookies are worried of acquiring food illness, so they consume foods they are familiar with, such as pizza, burgers, or pasta. There are two reasons why this should not be done. The first is that, even if this country has an interesting cuisine, burgers and pizzas are not part of their culture. As a result, they aren’t used to creating them, people don’t eat them very often, and the products they use may not be fresh.

Local food merchants, on the other hand, have been producing local food for centuries. They know how to make it, and the ingredients are usually fresh.

So, getting food poisoning from a local restaurant that serves western foods is actually more likely than getting food sickness from a local restaurant. Furthermore, the true taste of a new land is experienced through the gut.

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