The best places to live for Affluent African Americans.

If you are looking for a place where you set up opportunities for the future of your family and others and you want to become a multi-millionaire investor and finding a location where you can start plays an important role.  Sometimes where we are can help start a business. If you have the right support and resources there, you should stay and make it happen and then expand in those other places by buying land and real estate.

Let’s start with San Antonia, Texas, and find out more as to why this may be a perfect place for you to start your business expectations, what you need to know before you rent the UHAUL truck and pack the angry family birds who may or may not see your vision as strong as you.  So come on into this new exciting adventure and possibilities.

The median household in San Antonio, Texas, can start at 50,000 a year, which leads to homeownership of 44.3 percent, and keep in mind this data may not be the most accurate. The household for an African American family is higher.  Moving forward into the blog, let’s talk about what can lead to a successful, affluent lifestyle in San Antonio, Texas.  Great education, jobs, low crime rate, and interaction with local politicians.  So how does this help with becoming an entrepreneur? Well, I tell you what I think?  When you have great educational resources and a low crime rate in areas that consist of successful African Americans, this can help African American businesses when buying black. Buying black may not be an issue or a cry for help in some cities; it’s not always the case in all cities.

Some African American business owners are usually successful because they may create diverse products for all racial differences and experiences.  In San Antonio, Texas, there are at least 168 African American-owned businesses.  In a nutshell, cost of living and economic abilities all play a role in this city’s progress for African American excellence.

First on the list is Charlotte, NC, and South Carolina, where the public schools are family-oriented and give you a big city feeling and small-time welcoming. Zipcodes play a role because they determine how low the crime rate is and that alone allows for progress in a community of educators and entrepreneurs.   This city breads technical and engineers that also play a key benefit when one decides to become an entrepreneur. When you have that level of greatness, you can achieve almost anything you put your mind to.

Secondly, on the list is Atlanta, GA. There are at least 17 zip codes you can choose from. Keep in mind these zip codes are not cheap when looking for a place to settle down.  My suggestion is that you do your research on areas before moving.  These 17 cities have ideal communities for historical scenes and rehabilitation due to local investors.  This neighborhood allows you to have a big-time taste with small-time neighborhoods for families who love nature, parks, quaint feels, and strong modernized living and walking communities.  You can get the Beverly Hills of the south. You can get high fashion districts with posh lifestyles and more.

Thirdly,  wealthy African Americans have gravitated to Virginia homes due to lower crime rates and great schools and black Americans that share their cultural interest.  What most appeals to black Americans are economic equality.  One of the cities in Hampton, VA, is a city with an old soul. Great place to vacation and historic architecture with the best waterfront in the nation.  Great attractions, space centers, beaches, and industrial business, and an assorted amount of interest.  Great nightlife, family and educational needs, and employment opportunities.  Chesapeake VA offers a great place for newer communities and retail shopping.  Numerous indoors and outdoors attractions.  African Americans migrate to this area because of the shared culture and the largest musical events.  On the Potomac River, Alexandria, VA, delightful and useful for visitors with the convenient graphical locations, modernized the abundance of job opportunities. 

Fourth, the Maryland area one to mention is Lake Arbor, Maryland. Lake Arbor is established as one of the wealthiest African American communities, the most desirable location for the young, affluent African American families moving from Washington DC for a sunburn lifestyle.  Friendly, Maryland is a prosperous upscale black community.  Friendly, Maryland has the largest black-owned businesses in any community in nearby cities. 

Lastly, one of the fifth cities where black excellence in Texas has at least 10 zip codes that give you wealthy communities.  The medium household is greater than $50,000.  The first zip code 77407 in Richmond, Texas, makes Richmond an attractive city because of its rich culture and mecca that meets affluent African Americans’ needs and has an A+ rating.   Harris County, the humble community city where oil was discovered there in 1903.  Harris County is inland and 50 miles from the gulf coast.  It is home to the best schools and the best hospitals and beautiful greenery. 

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