When using terminology incorrectly during conversations goes right

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that was going so well until you used a word they interpret as poor negative usage, but it was actually a positive expression, and you used it correctly; yet, you both ended up in a disagreement, and you left the conversation confused?

Why? You’re wondering what just happened here. This occurs because some of us struggled to understand vocabulary or defining concepts in school. We memorized them in order to pass a test, but had no examples of how they should be used in a conversation. We learn throughout our life based on what we were told rather than what we actually know or researched before using it.

Here’s what to do if you get a perplexed reaction from someone during a conversation because a specific term you used triggered them like a cannonball. Here’s what you can do to avoid this happening again.

Google the definition of the term you used in the conversation, then look at an example statement about how the term is used, and if it matches why you said what you said, you used it correctly during an adult conversation.

The angry person thinks it’s incorrect due to a lack of knowledge of the term.  Here is an example I like to use regarding rap music in the DMC peter piper rhyme, “not bad meaning but bad meaning good.”  For decades we all use words in opposition to describe what we want those to know creatively and artistically until our level of thinking changes as we mature.

Remember, knowledge is powerful; it is all in the calculation and strategic ways you choose to use it.

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