why most women buy luxury handbags?

Stylish clothes and shoes aren’t the only things that can help you achieve the perfect look. Properly chosen accessories enhance the impression and draw attention to the seemingly minor features of the clothing. A woman’s main accessory is, without a doubt, her handbag, and a luxury handbag is her ultimate desire. But why do consumers prefer pricey purses over less expensive alternatives?

The cost of a luxury bag varies widely according from the model, collection, size, material utilized, and so on. The price of a Gucci fashion accessory ranges from $350 to $2,500. Chanel will cost between $1,700 and $5,000. Louis Vuitton bags are likewise fairly pricey, starting at $ 1,300. However, this does not stop the brand from earning fantastic sales all around the world. Hermes bags range in price from $3,000 to $12,000, depending on the model.

Famous brands are proud of their history and traditions, as well as the highest quality materials and precise craftsmanship. However, this is far from the entirety of the cost of a well-known brand’s accessory. Amounts spent on advertising campaigns, royalties to movie stars, and the modeling industry are all factored into the price. Fashion businesses spend a lot of money on their boutiques, which are positioned on the most expensive streets, in addition to spending a lot of money on celebrities.

Why do individuals choose high-end handbags? Why are we prepared to spend significantly more for a product that is identical in quality and functionality in general? Here are five psychological factors to consider.


Although it is common in business literature to assign rivalry to the male side of the population, women possess this quality as well. Our purchases have long outgrown their original purpose and have evolved into a form of competition. My product is more expensive, which indicates that I am superior. People who buy expensive items tend to believe that they are more affluent and lucky than others.


This rationale is similar to the first one. Status is an essential component of any community. Every one of us has a social role that we must fulfill. Coming to a business meeting in a sloppy suit is a bad idea, unless you work in IT, where everything is forgiven. As a result, wealthy people purchase expensive products in order to emphasize their position. Buying a luxury bag can give you a sense of belonging, earn peer approval, and serve as a physical reflection of your achievement in life.


When we buy luxury items, we virtually always convince ourselves that we are paying for quality. That is partially correct. Luxury businesses value their name and tradition, so they hire the best craftsmen and use the best materials on the market to create their one-of-a-kind handbags.

However, the quality of a luxury item is not always significantly higher than the quality of its ordinary decent analog. It is simply a consumer’s impression. Non-luxury goods are regarded as inferior, so customers focus on their disadvantages while ignoring their benefits. We simply assume that products with a high price tag are of higher quality, regardless of whether there is real evidence that they are.


People will spend large quantities of money on luxury items to improve their mood. We buy a designer item as a reward for hard effort or, conversely, to boost our self-esteem when we are feeling low. Luxury items are the ultimate retail therapy, and online stores and the Internet in general encourage impulsive purchases.


We are interested in exclusivity; we want to stand out because of the items we own. If a product is essentially new to the market while also having high demand, it will be expensive. Fashion, or the desire of a specific number of people to be the first in the community, might simply dictate demand. The more exclusive the product, the greater the demand for it and, as a result, the higher the retail price. Purchasing elegant serves as a reminder to ourselves of how much we respect ourselves.

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